Terms and conditions

Last Updated April 2021

As per time and situations, we update our Terms of Use and so advise our users to check for the changes, if done, since the last time of their visit or use of the services offered by Sduko.

Here, the word ‘Users’ define the Offeror User and the Recipient Users at the same time. 

The website visitors under the title ‘Offeror User’ can upload their ads and create profiles as per the Paid Services mentioned in the Terms of Use. If you are a Recipient User, you can reach the content as uploaded by the Offeror Users

The Terms of Use advises all Users to go through the document well. Understand that, and then decide whether to use the website or not. If they deny obeying the Terms of Use, they should leave the Site and stop using the Services. 

The Personal Data we gather from you is governed by the Privacy Policy of the Site that uses Cookies and other similar techs. The website builders only collect a limited amount of Personal Data that is vital while providing the Service following the Terms of Use, abiding by the legal obligations, fulfilling the lawful interests and also improving the Service, exceeding the geographical reach of the Service, and pushing the natural wellbeing of the Users. 

Unless you have confirmed to accept the Terms of Use of the Site that includes the Acceptable Use Policy and Summary and Guidelines, you cannot become an Offeror User of the Site. You also have to follow the Guidelines Set prescribed below when you are publishing your advertisement or creating a profile. 

If and only if you have reached or crossed the age bar of 18 years, you can use the Site as it is strictly for adult usage. By using the website you are announcing yourself as over 18 years and yet if any Offeror User is denying offering any service through the site, they are contravening the local law. Here are more details about it. One must recognize the Site only as a platform provider only offered by ONLINEUK LTD (“we” or “us”). There is no such law that tells us to exercise editorial control or pre-vet advertisements displayed with us or by the User profiles on the site. However, the people behind the website shut down the advertisements or profiles that follow the following:

  • Breach the Terms Of Use; or
  • Supply any malware or stuff that risks interfering with or diminishing the functioning of the Site; or
  • We consider to remain completely discrete to the prejudice to the proper performance of the Service; or
  • Represent harassment or bullying of any User or third party; or
  • Being threatening, abusive, or discriminatory

[The website has a “Report Abuse” functionary on it that allows the Users to report any advertisements to them which seems to breach the Terms of Use, especially those that contain: a) Underage content b) something not published by or with the consent of a person c) Illegal. The website organizers recheck all the ads that are reported and may also uphold the complaint and erase the advertisement. This may require the Offeror User who provided the advertisement to offer further more info that verifies the age or right to post an ad, as the case may reject the complaint too.]

You will find sections like ‘Acceptable Use Policy” and “Summary and Guidelines” as detailed information that contravenes the Terms of Use. However, they are actually for the users who desire to learn the laws applicable to all such materials they have contributed to the Site and comply with the Terms of Use.

After serious and repeated breaches, the people behind the website reserve the total authority to ban the User. During a situation of taking down any advertisement or banning any User, you cannot blame us for any type of losses, claims, damages, or expenses whatsoever that results due to the takedown or ban. No refunds for any of the monies paid by you will be granted. 

When you have tapped the ‘Accept’ button while making any post on the Site, as a User, you have agreed that we can authorize you while process your photograph for publishing an advertisement on our Site. Also, the User authorizes the Site to employ special category processing of the Personal Data (information related to lifestyle and sexual behavior) for posting any ad on the portal.

Obligations & User’s Behavior

One has to inscribe in one mind that this is an adult service site. When Users are going for the Services provided here, they are representing and warranting that they are more than 18 years of age. It will be a breach of the Terms Of Use if the User misleads the Website that they are adults and contravene any of the age verification measures. 

As per the directions stated above, the Recipient Users must remain aware of the fact that the website does not imply any control over the content of the ads posted online by the Offeror Users. We do not work as some intermediary or agent for the Users which is why we are not responsible for whatsoever risks, claims, or liabilities that rises from any future supply of services or any connection between Offeror User(s) and Recipient User(s). 

While using the Services the User gets the full and exclusive responsibility for their behavior for the site and the third parties which are not limited to other Users. 

This makes us unattached to the veracity of the content from any advertisement as posted by Offeror Users, or to any successful bargaining among Offeror User(s) and Recipient User(s).

Limitation of Liability

The Terms Of Use have nothing that limits or excludes any liability of any of the parties for death or any type of injury caused by the ignorance of a person or someone whom they are responsible for, or because of fraud, or some other liability that might not be limited by law or been excluded. 

The Website, its allies, their managers, employees, officers, or directors don’t receive any liability for:

  • all the loss and damage that arose from the situations remain reasonably uncontrollable 
  • any interruption in or no availability of the Site or the Services losses and damages 
  • all or any type of direct or indirect losses that incur profits, business, reputation, anticipated savings, or turnover
  • corruption or loss of data
  • losses indicated to indirect, special, punitive, statutory, or consequences or whatsoever

although it advises of the possibility of such losses

The Website, its allies, and their affiliates, managers, employees, officers, or directors' liability to Users for all or any loss or damage, if it arises in contract, tort, statutory duty breach, or under any other legal theory that arises from or in connection with the Website and the Services that remain (without any preconception to the Refunds Policy as stated below) in the Paid For Service case, and remain capped against an amount that is equal to the unpaid sums by a User in the twelve months prior to any of the event that gives rise to the claim or [£ 500] and in any other Service, [£ 150].

All the provisions above and the sub-provisions are different and independent that is null and enforceable with respect to any one of the provision or sub-provision which does not affect the enforceability of any other provisions that remain in full force and effect. 

Paid Services: Offeror Users 

While posting an ad on the Website (that includes creating an online profile), every Offeror User provides us the authorization to promote the ad and gain the greatest visibility under the Website’s discretion while operating the Services so that it provides the maximum effectiveness in contemporary geographical markets. The Offeror Users confirm their legal age in the relevant jurisdiction by creating an online profile or posting an ad on the Site. This action identifies the profile as not being coerced while offering the services anyway. 

We make the Offeror Users aware of the payment we take for the services with the help of our payment provider whose terms and conditions govern the transactions between Offeror Users and us. They act as an independent service provider in the whole deal. You cannot point us as responsible for acts, omissions, or defaults of the payment service provider. If in any case the terms are breached, the website will exercise its right to take down the ad with no refunds after the deletion of the applicable profile. We can also restrict the Users from giving them access to create any other profile or advertisement in the future. 

Acceptable Use Policy

We believe our Users will remain responsible and will not use the Site’s Services in any contrary way. For instance, the provision of law, rules of ethics, and any other good conduct of the network services. The Users must not transmit through the Site info of any type of offensive and libelous nature, discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, pornography, pedophile, vulgar, blasphemous, or something contrary to the rule of public order, and refined morals. 

Offeror Users must abide by the applicable laws making equal contemplation with the advertisements they have produced. The Users must not do anything unlawful using our advertising agency and remain within the jurisdiction. The advertisements must not have info that attracts an R18 rating from the BBFC as included in a film or video. Also, they must not have any content that contravenes the provisions and relate to “extreme pornography”.

Agreeing with the Terms of Use, the Offeror Users authorize that they are not the data subjects of any explicit information whether in consent or without. The Personal Data must not include anyone other’s data contravening the copyright or other intellectual property or the rights of any third person without their consent. 

If someone is found posting advertisements for someone or including the data of someone without their consent to the ads when posted, it will be a serious breach of terms and conditions. This may also lead to closing your account and you as an Offeror User being restricted to use the Site any further. 

When an advertisement is hosted using the Site, the Offeror User remains aware of the inclusion of the email address in the advertisement. The people behind the website have no authority over any material that may be directly sent to the email address; it can be other Users or someone else, and even in answer to some advertisement. 

Summary and Guidelines

The Term of Use as a summary remains the guiding light for the Offeror Users drawing specific attention. In cases of doubt, you can go through the summary for convenience. It also helps Users to understand the legal advice as the information in the profiles and ad posts here is lawful.

  • For information, nude images contain visible genitalia as a permissible material and require an R18 certificate for authorization. Or the content will be straightaway refused by the BBFC if it was somewhere included in a video. Under the prohibition act, the following things are restricted:
    • Actual images in place of stimulating sexual intercourse
    • Passionate fetish material
    • Sexually explicit anime images 
    • Other extreme sexual images
  • Information or content that promotes or includes suicide or self-harm is not allowed;
  • Content contravening the rules of “extreme pornography” that includes erotic scenes depicting non-consensual things involving animals or dead bodies in sexual acts depicting life-threatening acts or likely to result in serious injury to the anus, breasts, or genitals of a person is strictly not allowed;
  • Something that does not take the consent of the participant and make erotic senses on private occasions which is better called “revenge porn” is not allowed;
  • A material that portrays, promotes, induces, or offers a sexual act with underage people or something which promotes or boasts pedophilia ( “pedopornographic material” ) is strictly prohibited;
  • Inducing something into an advertisement or pedopornographic profile will be banned immediately after it is posted by the Authorities and the access and metadata as well. We can rightfully report the material breaching the rules on pornography or revenge pornography;
  • Material depicting or proposing to any of the third parties who have not given their consent to use or publish their intimacy will be banned;
  • Users certify that they have the legal authority to place an ad or create a profile declaring and warranting that the content uploaded is of people over the age of 18 years, giving them consent to publish their images or videos on the Site involved in adult dating and are not coerced or pressured to in any way to take part in it;
  • The same ad can be made visible for a maximum of three different cities not more than that;
  • One cannot repeat an ad in the same city at the sometimes;
  • No one can include a hypertext link in any ad or profile.

We will also add our logo on the image you post as a watermark with the phrase “posted on”.

Running or new Offeror Users will not be allowed to upload, post, display, or publish material that has hate speech, discrimination, threats, or harassment or something that encourages or promotes violence or which that will make up criminal offense under the legislation that relates child sex exploitation, terrorism, racism, or xenophobia. This is because “hate speech” directs at a group or an individual as per their race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, caste, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or other protected characteristics intended or effects or can have probable effects of inciting discrimination, hatred, fear of or violence for against such groups or people.

Here are some of the non-exhaustive examples of behavior or material that is said to threatening or harassing:

  1. something targeted to a specific individual or group and remains offensive, derogatory, or harassing for them;
  2. something that appears to be directed toward extracting money or other benefactors from someone else in exchange for the removal of the Content;
  3. something that contains uninvited sexual content or language that objectifies other Users or someone in a consensual way;
  4. something that identifies a User or some other third party including material that could be utilized for various purposes, for instanceemployer details, telephone numbers, financial details, location information, names, identity documents, email addresses, log-in credentials, or some other identifiable info with no written consent of that person.

Users are not using the Site to promote illegal trading, Ponzi, or any pyramid schemes engaging misleading or deceptive conduct that misleads or deceives other Users to imply or contrary to the fact that someone or an entity promoting that Users or the content they produce are acting as some brand ambassador of some other person or an organization. The Website will cohesively takedown such material that it finds contravening the above said. Contact us: [email protected]

The Terms of Use are solicited by and interpreted according to the laws of the UK and come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court in the UK.

Service offered by:
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Refunds Policy

Refunds for Paid Services to Offeror Users are not provided by us. However, we may, at our sole discretion, offer credits for any unused monies paid, which can be applied towards future Paid Services. This is subject to certain conditions (but not limited to them).

  • We hold the right to make modifications or changes to the Site, including design, focus, and/or functional content, without prior notification, and may intervene through the Site as necessary. We may also limit access to the website for Offeror Users due to maintenance, technical issues, or other reasons for a required period of time without prior notification. In such instances, no Offeror User has the right to claim any compensation or refund based on such changes, modifications, or unavailability, in accordance with this policy.
  • In the event that our payment provider receives a request from a financial institution or platform to refund any financial amount spent on purchases of Paid Services, we hold the right to suspend the Offeror User's Profile until we are notified by the payment provider that the matter has been fully resolved to their satisfaction and/or the satisfaction of the financial institution or platform.